Lisa's Lovely Layers

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We are happy, spoiled rotten hens. Lisa & Paul have made us very comfortable in our 2 coops with fans, heaters, lights & even a bug zapper (for a quick snack). Our enclosed play yards are covered with metal roofing in some places, offering shade when we want it. We scratch,dust, peck, roost & live in harmony. They let us out into the pasture each evening for fun & exploration. We graze with the bottle fed & grass calves – they even try to play with us sometimes. We are fed all we want, including vegetables from the garden & fresh water twice daily. We all lay varying shades of brown eggs. Our breeds include Rhode Island Reds, Golden Wyandottes, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Australorps & Red Stars. We reward them for our comfort & happiness with delicous large dense eggs – some of us are so happy, we lay double yolkers! Great for baking!!!
Paul & Lisa also grow a year round organic garden – right now they have zucchini, contender green beans, cucumbers, yellow squash, & tomatoes growing – how we would LOVE to get into those goodies! They do share the veggies with us, and then put the scraps in the worm bed. The worms are raised & sold for fishing bait, but we also get them as treats sometimes.

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