Danina Farms

Website: daninafarms.farmnotebook.com

Danina Farms is a farm in Rutledge, Georgia owned and operated by Daniel and Nina West. We are just starting out on our venture to become a sustainable organic farm in the future. Currently, we are just spending time learning from our grandparents and great-grandparents about days past and a way of life that we no longer know. We feel that learning this way of life will help us to become much less dependent on others by doing things like our grandparents did. This list of things includes: planting vegetable gardens, canning vegetables, making our own jellies, raising our own laying hens, and many more things that we have planned for the future. We have property that we hope to build on and move to very soon so that we can expand our production to a larger scale, but even on our small scale, we currently have and abundance of several things including jellies and farm fresh, free-range eggs. Our mixture of Barred Plymouth Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, and Americaunas are going to be laying more eggs than we can eat, and we have more fruit juice to make jellies with than we can handle right now. We would love for you to give our eggs and jellies a try!

In 2013, we are starting a new venture of growing organically-grown heirloom fruits and vegetables. Look for a variety of heirloom produce such as tomatoes, cucumbers, garden peas, carrots, and watermelon to name a few beginning in early summer!

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