Shiawassee Farm

Here on Shiawassee Farm we raise Brangus cattle, grow mixed hay and manage a small flock of Isa Brown chickens. No pesticides, hormones or antibiotics are used. We use draft horses whenever practical for work and fun. All hay both large round bales and regular square bales are stored inside. Our Isa Brown chickens are free range most of the day and come home every night to a fairly spacious coop for their safety. Visitors alway welcome and conversation is free. We now have a limited amount of beef. Our butchered steer was pasture raised chemical free on pasture that is only organically fertilized. In the colder months it was fed only hay organically fertilized and corn fed with corn grown organically on the same farm. My amish friends in Indiana kept the steer the last year and we butchered and packaged it together as a family and friends project. Its a treat to eat.

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